About Us

Rajindra Industries was established in 1997 to manufacture cold forged fasteners. From a humble beginning of single machine manufacturing screws, today Rajindra Industries manufactures various types of nuts, bolts, screws catering to automotive, Electrical and Switchgear Industries. Today we produce about 150- 175 tons of hardware for various applications. We produce from 4.6 to 8.8 grades of fasteners.

Rajindra Industries is a IATF 16949:2016 Certified people-driven company. We believe our employees are our biggest assets and we treat them as we would our best customers. We nurture talent and appreciate and reward hard work and loyalty..


We at Rajindra Industries are focused on the customer requirement & the latest technology in the market to give maximum benefit to customer. Rajindra Industries owes its existence and growth to its esteemed customers. The customer’s requirements are determined through verbal communication & customer feedback form and every possible effort is made to enhance the customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Rajindra Industries vision is to become a trusted and reliable partner in Fasteners. Our range is from M4 to M12 with a maximum length of 125mm.A company whose marketing team is our clients. This we visualize with through world class infrastructure, international quality and stringent zero tolerance practices.

Our Mission

Ongoing mission is to continuously explore new technologies, products, focus on product innovation and be self reliant through vertical integration.


Rajindra Industries future plans are to explore new grounds through innovative idea and technologies. Immediate plans are to consolidate its position in its current range of products in catering to Automotive, electrical, switchgear and Oil and Gas industry.